Black leotard, black ballet tights, black practice skirt, black shorts, black pants
+ Juniors – pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes
+ Seniors – pink ballet shoes, black jazz shoes and black tap shoes

Black leotard, pink ballet tights, sheer black ballet skirt
+ pink ballet shoes,
+ Pink pointe shoes/demi pointe shoes if applicable

Any form fitting clothing
+ Pink ballet shoes

Jazz/Tap/Contemporary/Industry/Technique & Stretch
Black leotard, black dance pants or black ¾ pants and a black tank top
+ Black jazz shoes, black tap shoes, tan ‘Foot Undeez’, and black chorus heels (teacher/routine dependant)

Any form fitting clothing
+ Black jazz shoes (jazz class)
+ Black Tap shoes (tap class)

Hip Hop/Commercial
There is a more relaxed approach to the Hip Hop and Commercial uniform.
Shorts and a tank-top/t-shirt are acceptable. The students need feel comfortable but should still allow the teacher to see body lines.
+ Sneakers and or Heels (teachers will advise)

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