Open Day/Night is a time for parents, grandparents, friends etc to come and watch a class at the dancing school. Open Night takes place in the students normal class time and is usually the last class of term two. Students demonstrate exercises and routines learnt, such as – warm up, stretch, isolation work, strengthening exercises, travelling exercises, centre work and choreography. Open Night provides the students with a much-needed audience, in preparation for our end of year performance. It is also a great chance for you to see how your son/daughter is progressing in the class. Open Night is a vital part of learning how to perform in an intimate setting and it gives the students a focus for the start of the year, until we begin the concert routines.

DRESS REHEARSAL (during regular class time slot in term 4)
During Dress Rehearsal students will receive their costumes for our end of year performance. It is very important that a guardian attend this rehearsal with the student (under 18) to take down relevant notes and extra things that may be needed to purchase. Once costumes have been allocated, students are to take appropriate care of them and then return them at their final performance of the concert.

Annually, the dancing school has a Presentation Night and it is a lovely addition to your child’s dancing year. At presentation night all students receive a special presentation where they are awarded a certificate, medal, and dance gift.  They are also eligible to receive scholarships, trophies, and awards.

These rehearsals are hosted at George Jenkins Theatre and are compulsory. The students will rehearse their routine/s on stage, where spacing/lighting/cues etc will be organised and planned. Theatre rehearsals are always in costume unless specified by the teacher.

Our annual concert is performed at George Jenkins Theatre (Frankston) where all the students get to revel in the backstage camaraderie, perform with their peers, and enjoy the excitement of displaying a years work at NICZ Dansation.