Classes 2022

Classical, directed by Lisa Johnson and Gillian Butcher
Classical: (Lisa)
Classical Ballet at Nicz is designed to develop students’ technique, strength, flexibility and confidence. Concentrating on style, poise and grace, classes focus on the clear articulation of movement, carriage of the body and artistry of the dancer. It is a disciplined, but most rewarding style.

Adult Classical: (Gillian)
Nicz offers classical to the adult student who hasn’t done ballet ‘in a while’. Returning to the fundamentals, this hour session will pair barre and centre work with conditioning and strength exercises to improve fitness, technique and artistry. Those who have never done ballet before are most welcome!

Combination, directed by Tilly Davis and Caitlin Hocking
Combination Classes are exciting and engaging – students learn ballet, tap and jazz, work on strength and flexibility, and have the best fun all in one class. Preschool Classes invite the younger dancer to explore the creativity, expressiveness and playfulness of dance. Children grow their musicality, imagination and basic technique while dancing and singing along to their favourite songs from popular entertainers. Juniors classes introduce the budding dancer to the elements of each style (ballet, jazz, tap), developing coordination, creativity and confidence through routines, travelling exercises and activities set to trendy, popular music. Fun, engagement and participation are the foundation. Preschool and Junior students work towards an Open Day at the end of term 2, and the Concert at the end of term 4. Intermediate and Senior classes are structured to allow students to concentrate on key aspects each style (ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary) progressively over the term. Concert routines, the main focus, are designed to feature classes’ favourite dance and music genres. Students improve their confidence, flexibility, fitness and performance in a welcoming and encouraging environment.

Contemporary, directed by Riannah Virgin
Contemporary Classes at Nicz have a mind-body focus, are centred around Release Technique and incorporate elements from related practices like pilates and yoga. Students learn to control flowing movement qualities, transition in-and- out of the floor, and body-weight partnering skills. They also find the freedom to express themselves in new and exciting ways, challenge each other, and discover a different side of dance.

Hip Hop, directed by Ash Barrett
Hip-hop is a style that encourages students to be expressive through dance, where style and personality shines. Class ranges in different elements of dance whether it be traditional hip-hop, commercial, popping, locking, Voguing; the main element of class is fun and discovering yourself and your style through the expression of movement. Class is upbeat and no one class is the same as the week before. Students learn how to improvise in the urban styles, develop overall body strength and build confidence by bringing flair of attitude to their dancing. Come down and work up a sweat, it’s for all abilities and levels of training so it’s never too late to come and join!

Jazz, directed by Tilly Davis and Katrina Burke
Jazz: (Tilly)
Jazz classes are offered from Grade 3 right through to Open Age. During class students will work on developing correct technique, furthering their knowledge of choreography, and working as a team to learn performance routines for the end of year concert.

Industry: (Tilly)
Industry is designed for the committed, dedicated and passionate dancer who is wishing to further their knowledge of dance and exposure to the many styles of jazz. Industry focuses heavily on strength, stamina, technique, flexibility and choreography retention. This 1.5 hour class enables students plenty of time to refine specific skills as well as learning choreography.  Industry is a demanding and challenging class, but one that will be sure to leave you feeling fulfilled. Class open to Year 11+.

Theatre Jazz/Broadway: (Tilly)
The Theatre Jazz class for 2022 will explore different avenues of musical theatre from the past and present, ranging from traditional musical theatre styles to modern shows. This class will focus on performance, style and storytelling through dance. This class is aimed at students Year 10+ who are dedicated, have a strong work ethic and who are passionate about performing.

Adult Technique and Jazz: (Katrina)
– Adult Technique is a class that works on specified techniques according to routine requirements and focus. This class is choreography and performance based, and all techniques learnt will be used to aid and advance the dancer within the choreography. Strength and flexibility exercises will be deliberately targeted to improve and encourage confidence, so each dancer feels confident, strong, and content whilst performing on stage.
– Adult Jazz classes are focused on improving fitness and coordination, working as a team, and learning choreography for our end of year performance. These classes are incredibly popular due to the welcoming class size, fun (yet challenging) choreography, strong camaraderie and absolutely brilliant atmosphere. Their performances are always entertaining and sought after – a most popular group to be part of.

Tap, directed by Gillian Butcher and Katrina Burke
Senior Tap: (Gillian)
For Intermediate to Advanced tappers. Students concentrate on perfecting tap sounds and techniques, and learn about rhythm, weight and accuracy.  This fun, challenging class is designed to push students’ technical and performance skills. Determination, dedication and focus are required. New and interested students looking for a challenge are most welcome.

Adult Tap: (Katrina)
This class welcomes Intermediate dancers to enjoy the love of Tap dancing. Classes are focused on a-cappella drills, travelling combinations, improving tap-sound clarity, and of course choreography for our end of year performance!

Pilates, directed by Gillian Butcher
Pilates is the perfect class to keep your body strong all year around. Combining traditional pilates technique with dance-specific conditioning you will tone, engage and lengthen all the muscles in your body. This is a technique-only class that focuses on building strength, improving your flexibility, and taking care of your wellbeing. Great for the body, mind and dancing soul.